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Janus Henderson Announces the Innovative Janus SG Global Trends Index To Be Used by Global Atlantic in Its New Fixed Index Annuity

Company Release - 6/23/2020 8:00 AM ET

DENVER--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Janus Henderson Investors (NYSE/ASX: JHG) today announced the innovative Janus SG Global Trends Index has been licensed to Global Atlantic Financial Group, a leading U.S. retirement and life insurance company. The Index was developed in partnership with Société Générale who acts as the index sponsor and licensor. As part of this agreement, Global Atlantic will have exclusive usage rights to the index within their Fixed Index Annuity offering.

Janus Henderson Indices has been providing quantitative index strategies since 2012, and these strategies are now the basis for $3.5 billion in investment products with major financial partners including Fixed Indexed Annuities, Variable Annuities, and Exchange Traded Funds. Janus Henderson Indices specializes in building custom indices to meet the needs of sophisticated financial partners such as Global Atlantic who today announced that the Janus SG Global Trends Index will be available in a first-of-its-kind crediting method for Fixed Index Annuities known as the Enhanced Accumulation Strategy, or EAS, available within Global Atlantic’s Choice Accumulation Edge product.

The Janus SG Global Trends Index uses dynamic risk management tools designed to effectively diversify among global stocks, bonds and commodities. Traditional tools have typically relied on the assumption that stocks are always higher risk, while bonds are relatively safe, which does not always hold true. Such asset allocation approaches can overallocate to bonds in rising interest rate environments, and may not consider the changing return potential of different asset classes over time. The Janus SG Global Trends Index uses market signals to manage these challenges dynamically, adapting to changes in risk profiles between bonds, stocks and commodities.

“We believe that this innovative approach to dynamic asset allocation and the risk aware features of the Janus SG Global Trends Index can make it more likely than traditional approaches to deliver consistent, stable returns across varying market conditions. The index is particularly suited to the innovative crediting method, EAS, which Global Atlantic has today announced,” said Nick Cherney, Head of Exchange Traded Products for Janus Henderson.

“We’re excited to feature the Janus SG Global Trends Index within our Choice Accumulation Edge FIA as the basis for our innovative EAS crediting method. This option gives customers a compelling new avenue to pursue their growth objectives,” says Paula Nelson, President of Retirement at Global Atlantic.

Janus Henderson Indices is an innovator in index construction, offering investors sophisticated approaches to understanding complex markets. Grounded in our decades of experience in asset management, our rigorous, rules-based approach powers transparent and investable products around the world in a variety of asset classes, markets and weighting methodologies. For more information, visit

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About Janus Henderson

Janus Henderson Group is a leading global active asset manager dedicated to helping investors achieve long-term financial goals through a broad range of investment solutions, including equities, fixed income, quantitative equities, multi-asset and alternative asset class strategies.

As of March 31, 2020, Janus Henderson has approximately US$294 billion in assets under management, more than 2,000 employees, and offices in 28 cities worldwide. Headquartered in London, the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

About Société Générale

Societe Generale is one of the largest European financial services groups. It is renowned for its equity strategies and its expertise as a leading derivatives house. It serves 31 million clients in 67 countries worldwide.

In addition, Societe Generale is a leading index provider. Through a fully coordinated and global approach, Societe Generale provides clients with investment and hedging solutions via innovative and efficient underlyings. It is headquartered in Paris, France.

About Global Atlantic

Global Atlantic Financial Group, through its subsidiaries, offers a broad range of retirement, life and reinsurance products designed to help customers address financial challenges with confidence. A variety of options help Americans customize a strategy to fulfill their protection, accumulation, income, wealth transfer and end-of-life needs.

Global Atlantic was founded at Goldman Sachs in 2004 and separated as an independent company in 2013. Its success is driven by a unique heritage that combines deep product and distribution knowledge with leading investment and risk management, alongside a strong financial foundation of nearly $90 billion in assets.

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