Corporate Social Responsibility

At Janus Henderson we believe that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is critical for our long-term sustainable success. As a global, active asset manager, our mission is focused on helping our clients achieve their long-term financial goals. In our business operations, we are committed to acting responsibly, not only in the way we invest and engage with our clients, but also in supporting our employees, managing our impact on the environment and contributing to the communities in which we work. Through our corporate social responsibility pillars of Responsible Investing, Clients, Environment, Community and People we are leveraging our influence to deliver value to our clients, employees, shareholders and the wider community in which we operate. Take a moment to review our Impact Report.

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Responsible Investment
We are committed to the principles of good stewardship and responsible investment, and to being a positive influence on the companies we invest in. We believe that in order to achieve long-term success, companies need not only to conceive and execute appropriate business strategies, but also to maintain high standards of corporate governance and corporate responsibility. Integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues into our investment decision-making and ownership practices will not only retain the trust of our stakeholders but will help deliver better investment outcomes for our clients. A wide range of tools and shared resources are provided to our investment teams alongside appropriate risk management and controls designed to ensure investment teams are aware of ESG risks and opportunities while meeting client requirements. Learn more.

Our mission is focused on delivering excellent performance and service to our clients. By aiming to be a partner our clients can trust, we put clients’ first and ensure their needs are at the heart of everything we do. Embedding a client-centric attitude across our global business ensures the fair treatment of our clients is integrated into business model.

Environmental sustainability is both a moral and a commercial imperative. Climate change has become a major investment issue, and we are aware of the risks and opportunities that this presents to the asset management industry. We understand that managing our environmental footprint often goes hand-in-hand with our strategic priority to operate efficiently, and endeavour to manage our impact as we grow.

We believe it’s important for our employees to be actively engaged in the global community in which we operate. Such service builds an employee culture that attracts and retains the best talent, extends the Janus Henderson brand and serves the communities where we live. Through the Janus Henderson Foundation we are able to invest in educational programmes that will make a positive impact on future generations around the world as well as support global charities about which our employees are passionate. Learn more.

As a business based on knowledge and relationships, people are our greatest asset. Our employees are challenged and empowered to grow along with our organisation. We foster a culture of diversity and inclusion that attracts and retains a high quality work force. Our employee-focused approach promotes collaboration, innovation, shared knowledge and equal opportunities for all. We achieve this by creating an inclusive work environment that appreciates diversity of thought and providing benefits that support employees and their family. Learn more.

Modern slavery and human trafficking

Janus Henderson supports all efforts to eradicate forced labour and other abuses of human rights.

The Group’s executive management attested to the statement below in regards to Janus Henderson’s approach to modern slavery and human trafficking.

Equality and diversity

Fostering diversity and developing an inclusive work environment are important priorities for our firm. We recognise that, to be successful, leadership must be committed to championing these efforts and ensuring they are engrained in our company’s culture and business model. To achieve this, Janus Henderson established a global Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, with representation from leaders across the business.

Janus Henderson signed the UK Government’s Women in Finance Charter in July 2017. Through this charter, we have committed to increasing the percentage of women in senior management roles at Janus Henderson. Furthermore, Janus Henderson’s participation in the Charter is indicative of the Group’s overall focus on increasing gender and minority representation across the business.

Janus Henderson is an equal opportunities employer and has appropriate human resource policies and procedures in place to ensure employees work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

Our policies and practices attract and retain a diverse and flexible workforce. This includes giving full and fair consideration to applications from, and the continued employment of, people with disabilities and learning difficulties.

Janus Henderson recognises the imperative to make progress in diversifying teams at every level. Diversity empowers different perspectives and insights, which together make a better business.

For more information about Janus Henderson's philosophy on diversity, please click here.

UK gender pay gap

In compliance with UK Government requirements, Janus Henderson publishes an annual gender pay gap report. The report details the average difference in pay and bonuses between female and male employees based in the UK.

When considering pay and diversity, we need to think of two separate measures. First to make sure we are paying equally for equal work. The second measure to consider is the distribution of employees across the spectrum of seniority from a diversity perspective. This second area is the subject of Janus Henderson's UK gender pay gap report.

Further information can be found in our 2020 Impact Report above.